A Client-Centered Law Practice

Skilled Legal Guidance In Business Law

As a business owner, managing the needs of business operations while avoiding and overcoming any legal issues on your own can feel impossible. Trying to do too much by yourself can cause you to spread yourself too thin, resulting in the worst outcomes in all of your efforts. Instead of trying to take on everything by yourself, get the help of a skilled business lawyer.

At the Southfield office of Hermiz & Associates, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the experienced guidance they need in their business. When you choose us to represent you, we will take the time to identify your unique needs before developing a custom-tailored strategy to represent your best interests.

How We Help Businesses Grow

We do everything in our power to help companies at any stage get their business in order. We take on the most challenging tasks such as:

  • Corporate records
  • Contract review, negotiation and drafting
  • Purchase agreements
  • Business startup and dissolution
  • EIN filings
  • Shareholder and operating agreements

Each business has different needs when they come to us, and it is our job to ensure we are representing those needs to the fullest. We do that by working swiftly to resolve any issues or disputes you may be experiencing, as well as helping you avoid any problems that could come in the future.

Run Your Business With Confidence

If you want to be sure your business has the legal protection it needs, contact us today. Call our Michigan team at 248-430-8306 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can begin helping you, so act now to meet with us.