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Creating Wills And Trusts To Uphold Your Wishes

Wills and trusts are powerful tools that can help you declare and fulfill your last wishes, but they need to be created in a proper manner. No matter what your goals are in estate planning, improperly creating these documents can result in your loved ones not getting the inheritance you planned for them. Thankfully, you can protect your assets and ensure they go to the correct beneficiaries with the guidance of a Michigan estate planning lawyer.

At Hermiz & Associates, we have been helping clients in the Southfield area with their estate planning needs for years. We know how to develop a custom-tailored estate plan that is both thorough and reliable for our clients and their loved ones.

What To Look For In Your Wills And Trusts

Both wills and trusts have specific goals that you should have in mind while creating your estate plan. For wills, in addition to specifying how you want specific assets to be distributed to beneficiaries, you also want to be sure you are not creating a will that has grounds for contestation. By establishing a legally sound will, you can ensure your beneficiaries receive their inheritance much sooner than if they would have to navigate the difficulties of a will contestation.

For trusts, one of the main benefits is that you can use these accounts to avoid some levels of inheritance taxes. Additionally, you can also distribute the inheritance while you are still living so that you can see your loved ones enjoy your gift to them. You can also create a trust that controls how and when a beneficiary receives and spends its contents.

Create Your Estate Plan On Your Terms

No matter what your unique goals are for your estate plan, we can help you create a plan you and your loved ones can depend on when the time comes. If you are ready to develop or update your wills and trust, contact us today by calling 248-430-8306 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation.